The Weird World of Thieves in Sweden

As Sweden turns to an increasingly cashless society, criminals are having to find other ways to line their pockets. Last year a high profile string of robberies of moving trucks of Apple merchandise ( were finally bought to an end by a police sting, but now criminals have started catching and selling endangered species – some can go for around $120,000 per animal.
As the country ditches cash, some criminals turn to stealing owls.

Uber to invest €20 million in building flying taxis in France

Uber plans to launch a flying car service ("Uber Elevate"), predicting it'll be ready around 2025 – progress is being further accelerated by a $20M investment in a dedicated Research and Development site in Paris, Uber's first technology centre outside the US, focusing on research in to airspace management and overcoming the legal and practical issues this brings up (do you really want hundreds of flying cars zooming over your home?)
Ride hailing app Uber wants to build flying taxis in France and announced on Thursday it would invest €20 million to develop the project.