Artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve Australia’s winemaking industry | OpenGovAsia

Planning how to deploy people and resources (like water and fertiliser) to make the best use of yield is critical to optimising costs in highly volatile industries like wine making. Using drones to survey vineyards (which takes just 15 minutes), and analysing the results using AI, produces faster and more accurate results – the system can even identify grapes which have been too close to bushfires (which would taint the wine with a smokey taste), and can predict with high accuracy when grapes are at their optimal time for harvesting, ensuring that the exact ratio of sugars, mature and just ripe grapes is ready for picking.
Jul 27, 2018 – by Teresa Umali – Winemakers can see in real time which grapes are ready to pick using handheld device that uses near-infrared wavelengths. –