Creating a VM to test Docker – migrating from Unraid to Napp-It


  1. downloaded the Ubuntu 16.04 Server LTS CD
  2. Created new VM
  3. Connected ISO to virtual DVD in console in VMWare vSphere client
  4. booted to the ISO
  5. pressed F4 and selected “minimal”
  6. pressed F6 and selected minimal VM
  7. walked through and added SSH at the right point
  8. SSHd to the server
  9. I installed docker using these instructions, including configuring docker to start on boot.
  10. created /mnt/cups
  11. ran a new docker container…
    [email protected]:/mnt$ sudo docker run -d --name="cups-google-print" --net="host" --privileged="true" -e TZ="UTC" -e HOST_OS="ubuntu" -e "CUPS_USER_ADMIN"="admin" -e "CUPS_USER_PASSWORD"="pass" -e "TCP_PORT_631"="631" -v "/mnt/cups":"/config":rw -v /dev:/dev -v /etc/avahi/services:/avahi -v /var/run/dbus:/var/run/dbus mnbf9rca/cups-google-print --restart=unless-stopped Unable to find image 'mnbf9rca/cups-google-print:latest' locally latest: Pulling from mnbf9rca/cups-google-print a3ed95caeb02: Pull complete 3b1d42cd9af9: Pull complete d2ff49536f4d: Pull complete f94adccdbb9c: Pull complete ae857e8dd13c: Pull complete 327565847940: Pull complete 83835dcb6373: Pull complete 78b26d55dd43: Pull complete 388ec0e358c7: Extracting [=======================================>           ]   190 MB/238.1 MB 388ec0e358c7: Pull complete 05dd908ba895: Pull complete 87c9e1d25f3b: Pull complete 75d49e6da022: Pull complete 4b8ca4d5d690: Pull complete Digest: sha256:3c231589c941288c4541016944658ee5915e4d8761648e1d88254c90dea9beca Status: Downloaded newer image for mnbf9rca/cups-google-print:latest f33434ebccaf2b5644260e664014d7364d4d5ead45bf4374e931a0acedd06015 
  12. checked it’s running with the docker ps -a command:
    [email protected]:/mnt$ sudo docker ps -a CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                        COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES f33434ebccaf        mnbf9rca/cups-google-print   "/sbin/my_init"     2 minutes ago       Up 2 minutes                            cups-google-print
  13. Browsed to https://<server IP>:631/ to see that it’s running