A head recruiter at Amazon says the best résumés are data-based — and there’s an easy formula you can follow

Looking for useful top tip to tune your resume? Dont list your job title, describe your achievements. In particular, what projects did you do? How did data inform the outcome? What skills did you demonstrate that show complexity or breadth?
Your résumé is a recruiter’s first impression of you during the job search. To impress recruiters like Celeste Joy Diaz, a recruiting manager at Amazon…

Survey: Whole Foods customers have liked changes since Amazon takeover

As if to back up concerns that grocery retailers should be scared of Amazon's entry to the segment, Whole Foods customers are reporting mainly positive improvements since the purchase by Amazon last year, including higher quality merchandise, and of course, the promised lower costs.
According to a new survey released by market research firm Morgan Stanley, Whole Foods customers indicated they have had a better overall experience at the grocer since Amazon took over last fall.