For eBay, AI drives over $1 billion in sales per quarter

eBay describes 5 key approaches which have helped them drive incremental sales of more than $1 billion per quarter i.e. generating sales which otherwise wouldn't have happened "quarter after quarter, and year after year".:
1. deep learning has valuable use cases today
2. there are potential applications right across the business, many invisible to users but with tangible benefits (e.g. "right pricing", improving advertising, predicting delivery windows)
3. "big data" isn't new – what's new is crossing the cost inflection point
4. cross functional teams are a must, and
5. you can't avoid hiring expensive talent.
Tom Pinckney, VP of applied research at eBay, AI-powered improvements in its search rankings, knowledge of its inventory, and other areas are driving more than $1 billion per quarter in incremental…