‘Blurred face’ news anonymity gets an artificial intelligence spin

I've never considered before what's missed when faces are "blurred" to provide anonymity – of course, you lose facial expression and so emotions. A new technique allows faces to be anonymised without losing that expressive motion.
Researchers have devised a way to replace the use of ‘blurring’ faces in news reports when anonymity is needed. The team’s method uses artificial intelligence (AI) techniques that aim to improve…

Particle physicists team up with AI to solve toughest science problems

The Large Hadron Collider generates more data per second than Facebook collects in an entire year – even after compression, it's far too much to store. Through clever use of AI and machine learning, applied in real time, the data can be analysed almost as it's generated, and the system decides for itself what dat to keep and what to chuck. More recently, the teams have started deploying deep learning with networks many, many layers deep. But there's more to come.
Experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest particle accelerator at the European particle physics lab CERN, produce about a million gigabytes of data every second. Even after…

Why IoT for seniors is a lot tougher than it looks

In an interesting piece reminding us that "it's not their fault, it's yours" if people can't follow your user interface to access features they want or could find useful, Fredric Paul argues that, without more and better thought on usability and proper reconsideration of user interfaces for functionality not just to make it "sexy", IoT "for seniors" will end up no-where, and the potential for devices to help with elder care will never realise their full potential.
Senior citizens are often touted as a huge potential market for the Internet of Things (IoT), but progress may be slower than a retiree with a bad hip.

Facial Recognition Is the Perfect Tool for Oppression

The ACLU and nearly 70 other civil rights oranisations have pressed Amazon to stop selling facial recognition technology to governments over fears of misuse. Microsoft has also asked the government to step in and regulate the technology, and others are calling it "the most uniquely dangerous surveillance mechanism ever invented".
It’s easy to accept an outwardly compelling but ultimately illusory view about what the future will look like once the full potential of facial recognition technology is unlocked. From this…

Using Artificial Intelligence to Fix Wikipedia’s Gender Problem

We hear a lot about the biases and problems inherent in AI development and use – but this is an interesting approach to solving some societal problems using AI. A piece of software scans news articles and scientific citations to try and identify scientists who are notable but not represented in existing Wikipedia articles, creating draft biographies for human editors to review and publish. So far 40,000 summaries have been produced for both men and women. The article includes a description of the development and training approach taken by the developers.
A software program from Primer scours news articles and scientific journals for women scientists who don’t have entries in the online encyclopedia.

For eBay, AI drives over $1 billion in sales per quarter

eBay describes 5 key approaches which have helped them drive incremental sales of more than $1 billion per quarter i.e. generating sales which otherwise wouldn't have happened "quarter after quarter, and year after year".:
1. deep learning has valuable use cases today
2. there are potential applications right across the business, many invisible to users but with tangible benefits (e.g. "right pricing", improving advertising, predicting delivery windows)
3. "big data" isn't new – what's new is crossing the cost inflection point
4. cross functional teams are a must, and
5. you can't avoid hiring expensive talent.
Tom Pinckney, VP of applied research at eBay, AI-powered improvements in its search rankings, knowledge of its inventory, and other areas are driving more than $1 billion per quarter in incremental…

AI software market to hit $78B by 2025, here are the top applications for the technology

Apparently the global market for AI was $2.65 billion, mainly focused on a few core suppliers. The US is the biggest single spender at over 35%, and although text processing was the most common used application in 2017, this is clearly expected to move towards video and other media over the coming years.
The market for AI software is exploding, with IBM and Google leading global suppliers, according to QY Research.

A head recruiter at Amazon says the best résumés are data-based — and there’s an easy formula you can follow

Looking for useful top tip to tune your resume? Dont list your job title, describe your achievements. In particular, what projects did you do? How did data inform the outcome? What skills did you demonstrate that show complexity or breadth?
Your résumé is a recruiter’s first impression of you during the job search. To impress recruiters like Celeste Joy Diaz, a recruiting manager at Amazon…

Survey: Whole Foods customers have liked changes since Amazon takeover

As if to back up concerns that grocery retailers should be scared of Amazon's entry to the segment, Whole Foods customers are reporting mainly positive improvements since the purchase by Amazon last year, including higher quality merchandise, and of course, the promised lower costs.
According to a new survey released by market research firm Morgan Stanley, Whole Foods customers indicated they have had a better overall experience at the grocer since Amazon took over last fall.